We recently had the pleasure of talking to a client who was originally on the phone for a settlement. During the call, it came to light that they had some unfortunate issues with their car, writing it off completely. This meant they were stranded without a vehicle and in desperate need of a replacement.

We always aim to resolve customers’ pain points as quickly as possible. Our brilliant Customer Support Administrator, Letitia Piercy, efficiently showed the customer how we could assist them with vehicle finance. She talked them through how they could obtain a loan for a new vehicle. It was Letitia’s goal to get the customer back on the road.

Walking the customer through their options, Letitia arranged a solution for the customer which incorporated both a hire purchase agreement and personal loan, ensuring that the total payments worked within their monthly budget. We always work hard to do this to ensure that there’s as little risk as possible of customers falling behind with payments.

Letitia’s knowledge enabled her to propose a solution that accommodated the customer’s requirements and her great customer support skills meant the customer walked away happy with comfortable loan repayments set up. Here’s what they said about working with Letitia on this case:

“You have been very helpful from the start. I found the proposal very easy, very smooth and simple. Thank you for all your help.”