Sometimes we spot something on the high street that automatically makes us think of a loved one. This happened to one of our customers recently. For him, it was a beautiful necklace in the window of a jewellers. Immediately, he knew it would be perfect for his wife who had been through a lot while awaiting the imminent arrival of their first-born child.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have the finance required to purchase the necklace and nearly walked away empty handed. However, with Close Finance nearby, he stopped in to speak with our advisor Simon Davies to see if he could help.

“Simon explained the process and went through all the ins and outs. I had a very genuine conversation with him. He really cared, wanting to point out any possible issues that may stem from this kind of financial commitment and gave a great overview of the loan going forward.”

After thorough affordability checks, an in-depth chat about flexible terms that suited the customer and well wishes for their new family, our customer walked away with the funding to assist with the purchase.

We know how rewarding it is to be able to treat your nearest and dearest with something meaningful. We will always work hard to offer solutions that suit your personal circumstances and help you to achieve making your dreams a reality.

“Simon is an absolute credit to your business, a genuinely nice person and someone I wouldn’t hesitate to speak to again regarding a loan. Once again, really great service and I now know who I’ll be dealing with for this sort of thing in the future.”