According to The Money Charity, the average amount of debt a UK household has is more than £63,000, including mortgage debt. For some, this could be split across numerous lenders.

Having a variety of different loans and credit arrangements with lots of different lenders can cause a real sense of anxiety, especially when it comes to something like debt. Different lenders may charge different interest rates and they may also need you to pay back finances on different days of the month.

Managing all these different pots of debt on top of day-to-day life can become overwhelming. However, there’s a solution that can help individuals regain a sense of control – having everything in one, tidy place with a single monthly repayment.

Our client came to us to enquire about a consolidation loan to bring together an existing loan with us and other outstanding debts they had. Our fantastic Head of Personal Lending, Cleone Steadman, supported the client by explaining exactly what they would need to progress the application, such as bank statements and details of the debts to be consolidated. Cleone efficiently ran through various quotes with the client over the phone and took the necessary details.

After receiving the client’s information, our brilliant Assistant Sales Executive, Sharon Tumelty, conducted searches and referred the case to underwriting with her recommendation. All this work was done and approved the same day.

“I just wanted to say thank you. You [Cleone and Sharon] have made the process seamless. The turnaround time has been fantastic and the process effortless. I’ve never received service as prompt, personable and quick as this, so thank you.”