We’re excited to announce our new sponsorship agreement with Guernsey Hospitality Association (GHA).

We pride ourselves on being an integrated part of the island community, which includes helping the people and businesses of the Channel Islands thrive in the long term.

Kevin Harris, our Director for Guernsey, said:

“As a business, we’re strongly committed to supporting the island and its people to flourish.

“The last few years have been incredibly difficult in the hospitality and tourism sector because of issues like Brexit, the pandemic and more recently, the increase in the cost of living. But the industry is one of the most crucial pillars in our community. It provides jobs, it strengthens our economy, and it provides wonderful experiences for the islanders and our visitors. Without it, Guernsey would lose so much of its spark.

“At Close Finance, we’re especially keen to support the small, yet vital, businesses in this industry that add so much uniqueness to our communities. Our sponsorship agreement with the GHA will support those businesses to continue to succeed.”

Alan Sillett, President of the Guernsey Hospitality Association, said:

“The Guernsey Hospitality Association is very grateful for Close Finance’s support. This new agreement will assist in facilitating our continued initiatives to support the industry, for the benefit of locals and visitors alike.”