A speedy service

Our client applied online for a personal loan through our loan enquiry form and within 15 minutes, they were contacted by our brilliant Client Relationship Manager, Marie Booth.

23 January 2023

Battling Blue Monday with Close Finance

Our people are our best asset and their health, both physical and mental, is a key priority for Close Brothers.

16 January 2023

Meet…Justin Hagger

I relish being in the working environment I have at Close Finance. All my colleagues are brilliant and the dealer network I work with daily is fantastic.

13 January 2023

Looking back on 2022 finances and thinking about 2023

As the year draws to a close, it’s worth reflecting on the challenges that were presented, as well as those we anticipate having to encounter in 2023.

23 December 2022

We've extended our Muratti sponsorship!

“Close Finance is honoured to extend its sponsorship of this historic event for the next four years."

02 December 2022

An extra boost for a growing roost

Our client was undertaking work on their property and they required additional funds to make their vision come to life.

24 November 2022

A galloping success

"Justin was responsive and even went over and above in driving my loan documents to me when amendments were required, to ensure the drawdown still happened that day."

21 November 2022

Meet…Stuart Stables

A saying which I think is significant is: ‘If you think serving is beneath you, you will find that leadership is beyond you.’

31 October 2022

Four questions to ask when choosing your lender

Borrowing money should be carefully considered. Making the right financial decisions is imperative, and that starts with choosing your lender.

27 October 2022

For those special moments that can’t be missed

We will always work hard to offer solutions that suit your personal circumstances and help you to achieve making your dreams a reality.

24 October 2022

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