21 November 2022

Published by: Close Finance

A galloping success

Our client is a passionate equestrian who spends a large amount of time attending shows in the UK. Because of this, her horse box got a great deal of use. But over time, the vehicle began to suffer wear and tear until finally, it was deemed unusable.

However, relying on only one other horsebox wasn’t feasible and a new one needed to be purchased as soon as possible. Our client had managed to secure an extremely sought-after vehicle at a brilliant price. All that was left to do was to secure the finance.

As an existing customer, we were able to act quickly on the client’s behalf. Once we’d undergone the necessary affordability checks, the Hire Purchase Agreement loan, secured via our motor finance division, was approved in a matter of hours – a huge relief to our customer.

"I dealt with Justin Hagger, who was responsive and even went over and above in driving my loan documents to me when amendments were required, to ensure the drawdown still happened that day."

If you’re looking for a Hire Purchase Agreement loan to enable you to keep doing what you love, speak to our team today.