Personal Loans

Personal Loans Jersey and Guernsey

Personal loans from Close Finance offer an affordable way to pay for goods and services and spread the cost over regular monthly instalments. If you usually pay using a credit card, stop! Most standard credit card rates are much higher than the interest rates we charge, so why pay more?

Applying for a personal loan is easy...

1 Call, visit or apply online
We’ll ask how much you want to borrow and preferred repayment term. To give you the best rate, we'll ask about your credit status.
5 Make an appointment
We’ll call or email you with a decision on your application fast. If approved, we'll invite you to visit your local branch to sign the paperwork
2 Ask for a free no-obligation quote
We’ll quote you a monthly repayment (if you are comparing quotes ask for the APR rate as lenders quote different types of rate).
6 Finalise the terms
We'll ask you to confirm a payment date, where you'd like the proceeds sent and we'll ask you for a copy of your ID.
3 Agree to credit searches
If you agree to proceed, we’ll ask your permission to contact Credit Reference Agencies to verify your credit status.
7 Show me the money!
If you sign your documents before 11am then you should receive cleared funds in your account by 5pm the same day!
4 Propose your application
We'll review the credit search results and depending on the value of the application, we may ask you for recent bank statements.
8 Receive copies of your agreement
Within the next week, we’ll post copies of your agreement to you. Keep these safe as charges for copies may be imposed in the future.

A-Z of finance terms explained

Could you explain APR from AER? At Close Finance we want you to have all the facts. Watch our series of short videos which explain popular terms you might encounter when borrowing.

Watch the series